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The final publication of the COST Action FP0903 is available at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/bookseries/14748177/13/ Book Cover

Citation: R. Matyssek, N. Clarke, P. Cudlin, T.N. Mikkelsen, J.-P. Tuovinen G. Wieser, E. Paoletti (Eds.) 2013, Climate Change, Air Pollution and Global Challenges: Knowledge, Understanding and Perspectives from Forest Research. Elsevier Physical Sciences Series “Developments in Environmental Science” (S. Krupa Ed.), pp. 2-622.

Aims and rationale

The book is intended as the final publication of the COST Action FP0903 (Climate Change and Forest Mitigation and Adaptation in a Polluted Environment –active since 2009 to 2013; http://cost-fp0903.ipp.cnr.it/ ). COST standing for “European Cooperation in Science and Technology” represents a funding instrument of the European Union (EU) in support of network cooperation in science and technology within the EU and associated countries.

The book will orient at the focuses of research needs and directions as addressed by the Action (Matyssek et al. 2012), extended by knowledge transfer and socio-economic aspects. The need for the book arises from the significant pressures forests currently face from climate change and air pollution and are reflected by the book’s aims:

1) to increase understanding of state and potential of forest ecosystems to mitigate and to adapt  to climate change in a polluted environment
2) to reconcile process-oriented research, long-term monitoring and applied modelling through comprehensive forest ecosystem research
3) to introduce "forest supersites for research” for integrating soil, plant and atmospheric sciences and monitoring,
4) to provide mechanistic and policy-oriented modelling with scientifically sound risk indication regarding atmospheric changes and ecosystem services.

Specific aims :

-  exploring information potential of presently available databases;
-  identifying current knowledge gaps and emerging research needs;
-  highlighting novel methodologies and integrated research concepts;
-  assessing ecological meaning of investigations and prioritizing research needs;
-  optimizing the geographical focus of research activities and elucidating the global dimension beyond the northern hemisphere;
-  assessing socio-economic consequences;
-  developing means for knowledge dissemination beyond research communities;
-  addressing strategies for impacting on research and environmental policies.

Expected innovation :

-  Rationale for integrating modelling, monitoring and experimentation;
-  Tools for integrating soil, plant and atmospheric research and monitoring;
-  Promoting networking across northern and southern hemispheres;
-  Combining ecological research, socio-economics and policy making;
-  Perspectives towards the post-Kyoto debate.

Workshop Final Book of the COST Action FP0903

Location:          Copenhagen, Denmark @ Dragør Badehotel (http://www.badehotellet.dk/index.php)

Date:                25-28 February, 2013

Participants:       Invited authors

An interview by a local journalist Regner Hansen by Globuzz, was released in a Danish newspaper (available here) about the workshop, the Action, its aims, results and final book.


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